supplier of oversea<br/> quality equipment for<br/> marine and offshore platform

supplier of oversea
quality equipment for
marine and offshore platform

ProCo International Company Ltd
Proco International Co. Ltd was established in year 1996. Since then, we have been an active supplier of oversea quality products major for in marine and offshore platform. Part of our concentration has been placed to heavy industrial applications including pump manufacturing, chemical plant and power generation projects.
Since the formation of the company, Proco has increased the sale revenue by over 100 times. We are now operating through three offices in China and one office under the management and supervision by the Hong Kong head office. There are over 70 well trained employees in our team to provide best services to our customers.
Our scope of services covers quality products supply, engineering supports, installation services and fabrication. We are actively participating in package supply by integrating products from various vendors to offer a turnkey solution to our customers.